Simex SA

Stand: 4 – E25

Simex SA

100 Cehei Street, 455300 Șimleu Silvaniei, Sălaj County, Romania


Simex is a prominent furniture company based in Romania, known for its significant presence in the industry. Specializing in the manufacturing and retail of various furniture pieces, Simex distinguishes itself through the quality of its products and innovative design. With a robust market experience, Simex provides tailored solutions for its customers, ranging from residential furniture to office furnishings.

Committed to excellence and innovation, Simex continues to contribute to space aesthetics by offering high-quality products.

Simex is set to showcase exclusive collections at NEC Birmingham, featuring a blend of classic and contemporary furniture. We are happy to present you: LUNA dining table and chairs collection, CONTEMPORAN x RUBELLI sofa collection and JASMINA bedroom collection.

  • While renowned for classic furniture, the eagerly anticipated LUNA dining table will take center stage with its intricately crafted solid wood fluted legs, a project we’ve passionately worked on for over a year alongside our designers
  • One of our standout offerings is the CONTEMPORAN Collection, a best-seller celebrated at numerous furniture fairs and embraced by luxury hotels worldwide. The collection presented at this exhibition is a collaborative effort with the renowned textile manufacturer RUBELLI, adding a touch of prestige.
  • Now, let’s delve into the JASMINA bedroom set crafted from brushed oak, seamlessly combining classic and modern styles. This set exemplifies Simex’s commitment to versatility, offering a sophisticated yet contemporary aesthetic, making it a perfect addition to any

Categories & Products

  • Single furniture units for dining rooms
  • Dining rooms
  • Wardrobes and entrance hall furniture
  • Cocktail cabinets
  • Table nests and side tables
  • Cupboard
  • Writing desks
  • Glass cases
  • Sofa and armchair tables
  • Stackable chairs
  • Stackable tables
  • Single sofas
  • Function sofas
  • Stools
  • Divans
  • Easy chairs and rocking chairs
  • Armchairs
  • Upholstered suites
  • Upholstered landscapes, seating elements