Ecomatrix SRL

Stand: 4 – E25

Ecomatrix SRL

54 Gabriel Georgescu Street, 440042 Satu Mare, Romania


Ecomatrix SRL is a Romanian company specialized in the production of solid wood furniture, which achieves an added value by cumulating the experience of the partners in the field, from tree to furniture, realizing Romanian made products from local raw material with domestic labor.

The ideas of our own designers create synergy with the wood, which is strictly controlled during the entire production flow, starting with the logs which are obtained from regenerated forests and continuing with the drying and processing in accordance with appropriate technical standards, using the skills of the experimented craftsmen obtaining the unmistakable glamour of the solid wood furniture.

Having already a presence on the European and Middle East markets, we are looking for new opportunities by exhibiting on international furniture fairs: Moscow, Koln, Paris, Milano, Birmingham, New York, Dubai, Singapore, London and Bucharest.

The determination in respecting the technical requirements of the premium products, our openness to novelty and ( our partners ability to accurately predict / forecast current design trends and plan  good taste of the design trends, the establishment of the partnerships on a win-win base are features that recommend us as members of the Association of Romanian Furniture Producers.

Whether you would be interested in a cooperation with us, please visit our site and don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

Using our furniture produced from the pure solid wood, your home environment will get something special: CHARACTER!

Categories & Products

  • Single furniture units for dining rooms
  • Dining rooms
  • Wardrobes and entrance hall furniture
  • Cocktail cabinets
  • Table nests and side tables
  • Cupboard
  • Writing desks
  • Glass cases
  • Sofa and armchair tables
  • Stackable chairs
  • Stackable tables
  • Single sofas
  • Function sofas
  • Stools
  • Divans
  • Easy chairs and rocking chairs
  • Armchairs
  • Upholstered suites
  • Upholstered landscapes, seating elements