Solid Oak Expert SRL

We are a highly professional manufacturer of solid wood furniture with classic and modern designs. We specialize in solid wood, but we have a variety of products in our portfolio, so we could cater to all tastes.

Mobex & Company SRL

With an uninterrupted experience and a strong, stable way of making business for over 26 years in the world of furniture manufacturing, Mobex & Company has successfully achieved all off its objectives, gathering experience step-by-step and as a side effect we build credibility.

Savini Due SRL

Savini Due means heritage, passion and performance, being one of the Leading Manufacturer of Bathroom Furniture in Europe. Our company has consistently invested in integrating the latest production technologies, automation, and quality control systems to ensure a strong alignment with our mission and values.

M-Oliver Design SRL

Established in the heart of Transylvania, Mark Oliver is a family owned business dedicated to create superior quality tables for spectacular and contemporary home environments.

Alsena Com Impex SRL

ALSENA’s story is a family story which started 30 years ago. It begins in 1992 in Sărmașu, at the border between Mureș and Cluj County, in the heart of Transylvania to be closer to our clients.

Simex SA

Simex is a prominent furniture company based in Romania, known for its significant presence in the industry. Specializing in the manufacturing and retail of various furniture pieces, Simex distinguishes itself through the quality of its products and innovative design.

Pizeta Due SRL

Pizeta Due is based in Cugir, Romania, and is structured by departments for metal processing and production, epoxy painting facilities, and an upholstery laboratory where we cover our products with various materials including hard leather, real leather, eco-leather, and velvets.

Pelemob SRL

Established in 2008, Pelemob stands as a leading furniture factory, blending cutting-edge technology with a wealth of experience to ensure the delivery of top-tier products.

Ecomatrix SRL

Ecomatrix SRL is a Romanian company specialized in the production of solid wood furniture, which achieves an added value by cumulating the experience of the partners in the field, from tree to furniture, realizing Romanian made products from local raw material with domestic labor.